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Care and Connection in Chicago

November 3, 2023



For so many who struggle financially, asking for help is hard.

Illinois-resident Claudia Soto Wong is no exception. “I was going through a difficult situation,” she recalls; “when I arrived at Tzu Chi, Amy and her husband welcomed me. I told them about my situation and they treated me with a lot of love, a lot of dignity.”

Having been offered a part-time job to help with the upkeep and cleaning of the Tzu Chi USA Midwest Regional Office, Claudia found new hope. On top of her wages, she also received a debit card, loaded with funds to pay for her most pressing expenses.

“The Tzu Chi Foundation not only helped me financially, but also spiritually and emotionally, because I was in a dark place,” Claudia says; “It’s really an organization that helps people 100%.”

Discover her story, and that of her friend Tomás González Catalan in our latest video, and make a contribution that supports charitable support like this through our year-end fundraiser at


Director: Martina Casas
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Michael R Mazur
Color: Borja Campillo
Sound mixing: Michael Laferla
Music: Adrien de la Salle - Shimmer, Space Doves - Moon - Instrumental Version


Illinois , Volunteerism , Chicago , Tzu Chi USA , immigrants , poverty

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