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Morning at Tzu Chi

June 17, 2015



The San Dimas Festival of Arts has been organizing a yearly fine arts show for 4 decades. And this year, they’re adding something new. As artists compete in a plein air event held at the historic Tzu Chi Campus in San Dimas, we can marvel at how they’re able to capture a moment on canvas. Discover how for Jason Situ, it’s a golden opportunity to showcase his mastery of plein air painting, a talent shaped by 40 years of hard work.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: William Ilgen
Editor: William Ilgen
Camera: Michael Chiu, William Ilgen
Sound Editor: Michael Huang
Writers: William Ilgen, Pearl Wu
Additional Video and Photo Courtesy of: W. Jason Situ
Special Thanks To: San Dimas Chamber of Commerce


San Dimas , Arts

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