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The Resettled | 12:48

Episode 1: For The Children

April 18, 2016



There’s a thriving Arab-American community in Michigan, and the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants has resettled around 4,500 Arabic speaking refugees there since 2007, mainly from Iraq. Meet Jasem Al-Khalidi and Oudaï Al-Aamiri, and their families. The kids are doing well, but their parents must reinvent themselves, starting from the bottom up.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Alan Thompson
Camera: Daniel Ferrara, Alan Thompson
Editor: Alan Thompson
Re-recording Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Production Design: Sheau Ling Soo, Nancy C.H. Wei
Music: Kevin Read
Special Thanks To: Anna Rose Siegel, Lourdes Eliacin Mars, Zeina Hamade, USCRI-Detroit


Michigan , The Resettled , Detroit , refugee

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