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Won't Bow Down | 2:45

The Saints Will Always Go Marching In

August 28, 2015



Yes, you can find empty lots where houses once stood – like missing teeth after a fight – but New Orleans didn’t lose to Hurricane Katrina. No, siree! The trumpets keep playing, and still, the saints go marching in, drawing tourists along with the crowd like before. New Orleans will always make you feel like you’re missing out on its party, so come on down, and see how this city picked itself up from the ground, and won.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Alan Thompson
Editor: Alan Thompson


Katrina10 , Bruce Sunpie Barnes , Gina Montana , New Creations Brass Band , Habitat For Humanity , Mardi Gras Indians , Steamboat Natchez , Mark LaMaire , Little Maker , Micah McKee , WontBowDown , WWOZ New Orleans , Cherice Harrison-Nelson , Wingy Manone

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