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Won't Bow Down | 8:50

Episode 6 : Indian Red

September 17, 2015



They need a year to create their regalia for Mardi Gras, and sewn in with the beads and feathers, is a history of not bowing down to hardship, and ancestral African roots that survived slavery. “Masking” honors resistance, and the cherished connection between Native Americans and the descendents of slaves. It’s about manifesting what’s deep in your soul, and more. Join us as Mardi Gras Indian Big Queens share their perspective.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Alan Thompson
Editor: Alan Thompson


Hurricane Katrina , New Orleans , Gina Montana , Indian Red , Mardi Gras Indians , Steamboat Natchez , Cherice Harrison-Nelson , tootie montana , big queens , we won't bow down , laurita dollis , bo dollis , george w. bush , levee , 9th ward , french quarter , jackson square , st. joseph's , mississippi river , wild magnolias , yellow pocahontas , guardians of the flame

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