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Beyond Bars | 1:21

Beyond Bars : Teaser

November 13, 2015



If you could take a peek inside a U.S. prison, you might look around and find people who’ve made grave mistakes, who now genuinely seek a way to escape the dark of their past. They’re locked in a cage, but also inside their own

turbulent mind. What if you could help them, but the path wasn’t easy? With perseverance, will Tzu Chi volunteers find a way to bring the light of peace to troubled hearts?


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: William Ilgen
Camera: William Ilgen, Woodruff Laputka
Editor : William Ilgen
Re-recording Mixer : Yahel Dooley
Production Design : Nancy C.H. Wei


Prison , Inmate , Reform , Jail , Jing Si Aphorism , Correspondence

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