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Rebuilding With Faith | 3:05

All Hands on Deck

October 11, 2018


The Americas

“It’s not only a physical reconstruction but a spiritual one” states Archbishop Lorenzo Voltolini of the church rebuild in Canoa, Ecuador. Tzu Chi has been able to facilitate, additional support through missionary groups and work within the community to get the church up and running.  Fellowship of Catholic University Students are working alongside Tzu Chi to give back to those in need. “This work is not just for the people it’s for us as well. It’s definitely helping us get a new perspective on how we view the world and how we view people.” said one volunteer. The diverse theme among the volunteers has also been instrumental in moving the Church project forward. “Fostering relationships between people of different backgrounds and religions can really help build a place of love” declared a FOCUS volunteer. In the words of founder, Master Cheng Yen “Good actions require everyone’s cooperation.  So let’s not cling to personal biases.” The coming together of all hands is one of the many missions of Tzu Chi. Will you help lend a hand?

Please join us and support our efforts to continue making these missions possible.


Director: Borja Campillo 
Director of Photography: Hannah Whisenant
Editor: Hannah Whisenant


Ecuador Earthquake , Ecuador , RebuildingEcuador

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