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Soulajman: Over 10 Years of Tzu Chi Relief in Haiti

January 13, 2021


The Americas

This Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation original documentary film pieces together thousands of hours of footage taken by our documentary teams since 2010, when the worst earthquake in Haiti’s history struck and killed roughly 230,000 people.

Irreplaceable loved ones – including parents, grandparents, spouses, children, other family and dear friends – were lost to the deadliest earthquake in the Western hemisphere. But, since that time, Tzu Chi volunteers from around the world poured in their love to help the people of #Haiti heal some of these wounds – many reopened again after ensuing hurricanes, flooding, and more over the years.

Witness the power of compassion and relief in our film, named for the Haitian Creole word for relief, ‘soulajman,’ and ensure that efforts like these can continue, no matter what life brings with a generous donation:


Producer: Ting Fan
Editor: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde
Director of Photography: Ting Fan, Renee Liu, Kevin Chen, Nils Aucante, Hannah Whisenant, Jonathan Van Lamsweerde

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