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Tzu Chi at COP28 | 3:20

Envisioning the World We Want at COP28

December 18, 2023


Our Climate

“What is the future we want to live in?”

This is the essential question that Tzu Chi’s delegation posed to conference-goers of COP28, the world’s largest and most comprehensive climate conference. Passersby could leave their wishes on small sticky notes while also being able to view artwork made by child artists, rife with important messages.

Behind the motivation of using art as a tool for communication and self-expression, Steve Chiu, GPAD Coordinator and Tzu Chi’s Representative to the UN, explained:

“We really wanted to bring art to COP this year to inspire delegates and representatives from different countries, civil society, to really show them what a better future can look like, and give them that inspiration and fuel they need to negotiate out a more ambitious outcome from this year’s climate conference.”

Meanwhile, Steve also offered his own input at a workshop, which tackled the Faith for Cities initiative by UN-Habitat & the Templeton Religion Trust. There, attendees fleshed out how to write a grant for funding. The goal?

Dr. Christopher Elisara, the Executive Director of the Creation Care Task Force at the World Evangelical Alliance, put it succinctly: “a better way for faith to make cities better in terms of their design, in terms of the environment, and all the other things that make cities better for people and planet.”

See the visions for the future we explored at COP28 in our latest video.

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Director: Héctor Muniente
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Fan Ting


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