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The Disappearing Frontier | 5:03

Episode 2: Shrinking Island

April 22, 2015


Our Climate

Sarichef Island, home to the city of Shishmaref, is perfect prey to Fall storms. Watch as residents and experts share how its shorelines have changed and what challenges it poses for so many of Alaska’s coastal communities. 


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Nils Aucante, Dilber Shatursun
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Camera: Nils Aucante
Sound Editor: Michael Huang
Writers: Dilber Shatursun, Daniel Ferrara
VO Talent: Christian Adam Jacobs
Production Design: Nancy C.H. Wei, Sheau Ling Soo
Feature Image: The Nome Nugget/Diana Haecker
Additional Video and Photo Courtesy of : USACE, Alaska District KTUU Licensing/Archiving Unit The Nome Nugget Tony Weyiouanna, Sr.
Special Thanks To: Dena M. O'Dell, USACE Tom Findtner, USACE Ralph Watkins, Shishmaref School Peggy McCormack, KTUU Diana Haecker, Nome Nugget Tony Weyiouanna, Sr. Shishmaref Native Corporation Zena Barr Brian Simpson Rita Walstrand Clifford Weyiouanna Larry "Woody" Wilson The People of Shishmaref


Alaska , Shishmaref , Climate Change , Erosion

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