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Tzu Chi at COP28 | 2:54

Exploring Nature-Based and Spiritual Perspectives

December 19, 2023


Our Climate

In 2023, it is hard to imagine life without the help of computer technology. Yet, for Dr. Chiming Peng, the Executive Director of the Taiwan Climate Partnership, the tech industry’s contribution to climate change is a huge issue with which to be reckoned: “if technology companies can reduce carbon emissions in their manufacturing process, it would be very helpful.”

At the same time, if technology’s main purpose is to increase efficiency and ultimately make our lives easier, he also argues that “there are dimensions beyond technology and climate change that have to be taken into account… The technology sector should also be humanistic.”

“How can we integrate these together?,” Dr. Peng asks himself while attending COP28, taking place this year in Dubai, the UAE. “The first thing that comes to my mind is Tzu Chi,” he says.

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*Also featuring Dr. Niven (Cheng Chung) Huang (General Manager, KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., Ltd. in Taiwan), Powen Yen (Executive Director, Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Foundation), Dino Foi (Tzu Chi Mozambique), Sheelah Marie Bearfoot (Co-Founder, Ties to La Terra), and Aya Khourshid (Climate and Social Researcher, YOUNGO).


Director: Ting Fan
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Ting Fan
Music: coral-beach by itay-kashti Artlist


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