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Tzu Chi at COP28 | 3:27

Tzu Chi’s Journey at COP28 Begins

December 6, 2023


Our Climate

As the 28th Conference of the Parties, or COP28 , kicks off, delegates from Tzu Chi from around the world have arrived in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates to put Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s mission of environmental protection in the limelight

This year, for the first time, a Faith Pavilion has been set up by conference organizers to accommodate organizations representing diverse faith traditions.

To kick off this momentous milestone, speakers like the famed spiritual teacher, Sadghuru, offered remarks at the unveiling ceremony where Tzu Chi delegates were also present. “All aspects of life are compassion; all aspects of life are joyful and ecstatic,” he shared, to a captivated audience.

Other delegates, including Mohamed Bahr, the Head of Strategic Planning of the Muslim Council of Elders, expressed hope in the unity of groups of faith being able to come together as they each tackle the climate crisis:

“This place brings another perspective, a different spirit. This place will bring the voice of religious leaders, and will bring the voice of all the faith-based communities. For the first time, hopefully we can influence the decision making.”

Later, Tzu Chi representatives participated in an Interfaith Roundtable Dialogue as well as an Informal Interfaith Gathering in the Spirit of Talanoa Dialogue, the latter of which focused on food systems. Attending the Interfaith Gathering, Priyanka Patil from Radio Madhuban explained, “food is the biggest tool through which we can solve all this crisis.”

Despite just beginning COP28, Steve underscored Tzu Chi’s main goal at this momentous meeting: “really we’re here to advocate, showcase, share, reflect and build relationships… Creating this community of love and care for the planet, people, and all beings in it.”

See more in our latest video* and learn more about COP28 at

*Also featuring Rev. Jerry Pillay, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches.


Music: Dream by Ian Post


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