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Very Veggie Movement | 1:31

VVM: Asparagus Salad with Roasted Chickpeas

May 4, 2020


Modern Eats

This salad has everything — and it’s healthy, too! Nutrient-packed, citrusy, and positively delicious, this asparagus salad with roasted chickpeas is sure to satisfy one’s appetite and their taste buds, too. Try the veggie-packed recipe as part of your Very Veggie journey, and let us know you’re taking part in the Very Veggie Movement at


Director: Héctor Muniente
Director of Photography: Borja Campillo
Editor: Héctor Muniente & Borja Campillo
Re-Recording Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Graphic Designer: Sheauling Soo
Motion Graphic Designer: Chuan Ching Ho
Music: “Ukulele” by Bensound

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