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Very Veggie Movement | 1:35

VVM Recipes: Campillo’s Sizzlers

June 2, 2020


Modern Eats

Campillo’s Sizzlers make a hearty appetizer, breakfast, lunch, and even dinner! It’s a delicious platter of colorful vegetables served with an egg-topped, avocado twist. The vegetables are sauteed just enough to keep their crunch intact. The tomato sauce on top adds to the flavor of rich goodness that will leave you clenching your plate for every last bite. Follow our steps for a delicious success and take the Very Veggie pledge, where you commit to transforming your diet into a vegetarian one for 30 days, at


Director: Héctor Muniente
Director of Photography: Borja Campillo
Editor: Héctor Muniente & Borja Campillo

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