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The Journal Forward - 2021 Year-End Campaign | 6:48

A Change of Heart: Diane’s Story

December 30, 2021


Who We Are

When R&B/Soul Singer Diane W. Carter received a new heart in 2015, she shared how grateful she felt for a second chance at life: “since I’ve had the heart, it keeps me alive. I wake up every morning.”

But, after covering the high costs of her surgery, her living expenses began to add up – and so did her medical issues: “I stayed in my car for a little over a year… [and] I have to be at dialysis at 5:00, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.”

With mounting financial pressure, she sought the help of Tzu Chi Washington DC volunteers, who promised to get her long-term help. But, the bond she ended up forging with one of them has become lasting.

See it all in our latest video and support the #JourneyForward for individuals like Diane in our 2021 Year-End Campaign:


Director & Editor: Jonathan van Lamsweerde
Cinematographer: Garson Ormiston
Colorist: Ismael Gomez
Sound Mixing: Mike LaFerla

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