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Tzu Chi USA GivingTuesday 2022 Charity Concert | 6:12

Love & Compassion for Ukraine

December 1, 2022


Who We Are

In February 2022, when Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, the world witnessed its next great humanitarian crisis. With millions of people, young and old, fleeing from Ukraine’s borders, nearby countries overwhelmingly bore the task of resettling new families. Seeing the great amount of work to be done, and the great human suffering that occurred as a result, Tzu Chi volunteers from around the world answered the call to action.

Volunteers in Poland plus those from Tzu Chi USA, Deutschland, Turkey, and many more went to provide emergency aid at the frontlines. They distributed gift cards that could be redeemed at local supermarkets in Poland, gave blankets, distributed packs of food and personal care items, and much more. The Global Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation even partnered with both global and local organizations, signing memoranda of understanding, to extend aid further into other countries including Moldova, Romania, and even Ukraine.

Yet, even after hundreds of distributions – we’re only just getting started. See our video for more and make a donation to support our international humanitarian efforts at

Plus, see more videos like this, originally aired during the Tzu Chi USA GivingTuesday 2022 Charity Concert, at


Music: Voyage by ANBR, Rising Tide by C.K. Martin


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