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United in Action. Dialogue at Tzu Chi Center | 29:09

United in Action: Earth Day

April 25, 2022


Who We Are

As the climate crisis looms before us, we find ourselves searching for community, care, and ways to make a change towards a more sustainable world. Faith values can help restore the tender balance between the human and natural worlds and develop intricate, healthy community relationships. This April on United in Action: Dialogue at the Tzu Chi Center, we’ll explore the role faith plays in transforming our world, both on a global and a local level.

Join us for our Earth Day episode on Tuesday, 4/19, as we examine climate change and how faith-based action can combat it with Andrew Schwartz, Director of Sustainability and Global Affairs at the Center for Earth Ethics, and Evan Raskin, US Earth Day National Campaign Manager.

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Host: Steve Chiu
Guests: Andrew Schwartz, Evan Raskin
Director: Hannah Whisenant

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