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We Are One Family | 1:09

One Click, One Family

November 25, 2015


Who We Are

We surf and shop and play, getting instant gratification 24/7. But there’s no end to it, and does it truly satisfy? Discover the joy of giving instead: changing someone’s life for the better; bringing hope to replace despair; showing your kindness and care. That feeling in your heart – it’s priceless. Join in and start giving! With Tzu Chi USA, with just one click, we can be One Family!

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Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Daniel Ferrara
Camera: Alan Thompson
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Writer: Daniel Ferrara
Re-recording Mixer: Yahel Dooley
Production Design: Nancy C.H. Wei
Featuring: Heather Cole, Stephen Ohocinski, Jr.
Voiceover: Nicolas Flower
Music: Soundimage, RickyValadez


Charity , TzuChiOneFamily , Donate , Giving Tuesday , non-profit

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