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United in Action. Dialogue at Tzu Chi Center | 37:09

United in Action: Partnerships in the Air and on the Ground in Ukraine

July 25, 2022


Who We Are

As war rages on in Ukraine, millions have been forced to flee from their homes to neighboring countries. Tzu Chi has partnered with international NGOs, like Airlink, CADIS, and many others, to provide compassionate relief for those in unfortunate circumstances. From much-needed basic necessities to psycho-social support and beyond, we come together to assist those displaced in not just surviving, but thriving.

We’ll examine our work with partners on the front lines in Poland, Moldova, and Romania, the impacts this work has, and the beauty of connection across faiths, borders, and experiences. As Master Cheng Yen said, “If we care about others and care for others, then we are blessed indeed.”

Join us for our episode on Tuesday, July 26th, as we explore the waves we’re making across the ocean, with Airlink CEO and President Steve Smith and CADIS International Executive Director Father Aris Miranda.


Father Aris is from the Philippines where he held various positions as rector of the seminary, registrar, finance administrator, council member of the Camillian Philippine Province, hospital director, and at present a member of the General Counciland the executive director of CADIS International. Fr. Aris has served the humanitarian missions of the Order since 2011 in Asia and Africa, facilitating greater capacity for disaster response within the Provinces of the Order, and coordinating responses to disasters. His compassion towards the most vulnerable and socially excluded populace is an impetus that makes him enthusiastic about CADIS.

Steve, President and CEO of Airlink, has taken the organization from a fledgling enterprise to an experienced, professional disaster logistics nonprofit that delivers hope and aid to millions of people across the globe. Since Steve joined Airlink in 2013, he has delivered a twenty-fold increase in the organization’s resource base and global impact. Today, Steve oversees all Airlink’s operations, leading a team that delivers humanitarian aid and responders, capacity building for the disaster relief nonprofit sector, and significant efficiencies across the disaster logistics landscape.

Learn more about United in Action and the Tzu Chi Center at


Host: Steve Chiu
Guests:: Steve Smith (President and CEO Airlink), Father Aristelo Miranda (Director, CADIS)
Director: Hannah Whisenant
Executive Producer: Ting Fan
Producer: Jaime Puerta
Cinematographer: Borja Campillo
Production Sound mixer: Hyo Jin An
Editor: Eliot Popko
Assistant Editor: Qihui Yang, Maple Gu
Colorist: Eliot Popko
Re-recording Mixer: Eliot Popko
Production/Graphic Designer: Ling Soo
Motion Graphic Designer: Jacob Kern
Script/Editor: Ting Fan, Ida Eva Zielinska, Steve Chiu
Web Team: Chaska Rojas-Bottger, Nancy Wei
Digital Content team: Anik Ghose, Dilber Shatursun, Anna Sipek, Juan Guo, Jennifer Chien, Maple Gu
Special Thanks to: Tzu Chi Global AffairsTeam

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