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The Journal Forward - 2021 Year-End Campaign | 4:32

“Just Can’t Let You Go” – Diane W. Carter

December 30, 2021


Who We Are

R&B/Soul singer Diane W. Carter is the picture of resilience, strength, and beauty. Lending her incredible and moving voice to Tzu Chi USA’s fundraising efforts, she shares a bit of her story and performs the original song, “Just Can’t Let You Go.”

Diane begins with a brief message, recalling her experience as a long-term care recipient: “I first met [Tzu Chi USA] when I was… in a lot of trouble. I had health problems, I had financial situations, and things were looking a little dim – even though I’m a positive person. They were there for me, they helped me more than, basically, anybody had.”

Support the #JourneyForward for long-term care recipients just like Diane in our 2021 Year-End Campaign:


Director: Cody Chan
Editor, sound mixing and colorist: Eliot Popko

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