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The Journal Forward - 2021 Year-End Campaign | 4:54

Being There for Wildfire Survivors: Bianca’s Story

December 29, 2021


Who We Are

In August 2021, the South Fire ignited in California, taking down 18 structures with it. Among them was a house in Lytle Creek, where Bianca Camacho, her husband, and two young kids lived.

“My favorite part of the house was the living room,” Bianca recalls; “because it was like family night every single time I would come home. We would just be in the living room.” After, the family bounced between relatives, friends, motels, and eventually their own car, Bianca told us about the emotional toll it all took on her: “I try to be strong… but when I’m alone, I break down. I won’t lie, I think it’s like every day where I break down by myself.”

See how Tzu Chi volunteers have provided her with emotional support, and financial support to help keep their spirits afloat in our latest video.

Plus, support the #JourneyForward for disaster survivors just like Bianca in our 2021 Year-End Campaign:


Director: Dan Ferrara
Cinematographer: Sarah Winters
Colorist: Ismael Guzman
Sound Mixing: Mike LaFerla

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