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The Journal Forward - 2021 Year-End Campaign | 4:36

“One Family/Una Familia” – by Rosa Martínez and Bart Shatto

December 30, 2021


Who We Are

The message behind the classic Tzu Chi original song, “One Family,” is a universal one. It’s lyrics sing:

For my dreams to come true /
I will need your company /
Your love makes my courage /
grow strong within me

Listen to this latest rendition, performed in Spanish and English by the multi-talented Rosa Martínez and Bart Shatto, featuring Pauline Parkhurst, Nicholas J. Reese, and Justin Robertazzi – and a special guest appearance by Tzu Chi NY volunteers.

Then, make a donation today that supports the needy on their #JourneyForward at


Director & Editor: Jonathan van Lamsweerde Cinematographer Garson Ormiston
Producer: Jaime Puerta
Colorist: Ismael Gomez
Sound Mixing: Mike LaFerla

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