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United in Action. Dialogue at Tzu Chi Center | 0:44

United in Action: International Partnerships for a Safer Ukraine (trailer)

August 20, 2022


Who We Are

On this, the concluding episode of our series covering Tzu Chi’s partnerships in Ukraine, we’re going to explore our work with organizations from around the world coming together on the front lines in Poland, Moldova, and Romania, the impacts this work has, and how you too might be able to make a difference.

It has been months since the war began in Ukraine, and millions are still fleeing from their homes to neighboring countries. Tzu Chi has partnered with international NGOs, like IsraAID, The Polish Women Can Foundation, and many others, to provide much needed relief for those in unfortunate circumstances. From much needed basic necessities to psycho-social support and beyond, we come together to assist those displaced by the war.

Join us for our episode on Tuesday, August 23rd, as we dig deep with Polish Women Can Foundation Manager Joanna Kuzebska and IsraAID’s Senior Director of Programs Naama Gorodischer.


Host: Steve Chiu
Guests: Joanna Kuzebska (Manager, The Polish Women Can Foundation, Naama Gorodischer (IsraAID's Chief Humanitarian & Resilience Officer, IsraAID)
Director: Hannah Whisenant

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