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The Journal Forward - 2021 Year-End Campaign | 4:36

Tzu Chi Brings RVs of Hope to Wildfire Survivors

December 30, 2021


Who We Are

Though it’s been three years since the deadly Camp Fire, wildfire survivor and Magalia, CA resident Sharon Cannon recalls its aftermath: “It was very hard. There was no stores, no resources, no water. I got sick, broke my foot. A lot of bad stuff happened.” She admitted that, at some point, “I really didn’t think I was going to make it. I really didn’t.”

But then, after getting in touch with and working with Tzu Chi Chico case managers, Sharon discovered she would be gifted hope in the form of a brand new RV.

Sitting inside her new mobile home – and glowing – she said, “I can’t believe it’s real. Now I have hope again. I know I’m gonna make it. I know I’ll make it home… it just changed everything for me. It really did.”

See her story and that of fellow Camp Fire survivors in our latest video, and support the #JourneyForward for disaster survivors just like Sharon with a donation to our 2021 Year-End Campaign:


Director: Huan Xun Chan
DP and Editor: Renee Liu

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