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United in Action. Dialogue at Tzu Chi Center | 0:49

United in Action: “Transforming Food Systems Through Faith Communities” (trailer)

December 13, 2022


Who We Are

Food is at the heart of all of our lives, which is why it’s important that we all have quality food. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. Food insecurity, food deserts, and a lack of food sovereignty impact millions in the US alone.

On this episode of United in Action, Host Steve Chiu travels to Boston during the annual Planetary Health Alliance meeting to speak with Kelly Moltzen on the unique power of faith communities to transform food systems. They’ll examine food justice in action, showing us the concrete actions that can be taken to ensure healthy and sustainable food for all.

Join us for our episode on Tuesday, December 27th, as we dig deep with Kelly Moltzen, public health advocate and food and faith coalition member.

Learn more about United in Action at


HOST: Steve Chiu
GUEST: Kelly Moltzen
Director: Hannah Whisenant
Executive Producer: Ting Fan
Producer: Jaime Puerta
Cinematographer: Borja Campillo
Production Sound mixer: Hyo Jin An
Editor: Eliot Popko
Assistant Editor: Qihui Yang, Maple Gu
Colorist: Eliot Popko
Re-recording Mixer: Eliot Popko
Production/Graphic Designer: Ling Soo
Motion Graphic Designer: Jacob Kern
Script/Editor: Ting Fan, Ida Eva Zielinska, Steve Chiu, Jaime Puerta
Web Team: Chaska Rojas-Bottger, Nancy Wei
Digital Content team: Anik Ghose, Dilber Shatursun, Anna Sipek, Juan Guo, Jennifer Chien, Maple Gu
Special Thanks to: Tzu Chi Global Affairs Team, Islamic Medical Association of North America

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