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Tzu Chi USA GivingTuesday 2022 Charity Concert | 4:17

Disaster Relief in the American Midwest

December 22, 2022


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There’s no knowing when – or how – nature will hurl its worst at you. After a tornado in Michigan this May, Sarah Stutesman said that “the fiberglass floating around in the sky… clogged up the lower half of my lungs.” Sadly, Sarah’s story is one of many.

In response to multiple natural disasters across the American Midwest, including tornadoes and flash floods, Tzu Chi volunteers brought emergency relief – distributing DA.AI Technology eco-blankets and scarves, care packages filled with care supplies and foods, and our signature cash cards, which give households emergency funds to pay for their most pressing expenses.

Of the help she received from Tzu Chi volunteers for the damage done to her health and her home, Sarah said, “I’m grateful that you guys can do this, very grateful. That will help me get back up on my feet.”

See how Tzu Chi Relief volunteers are responding to disaster in our latest video, and help us continue this work in the Midwest at

Plus, see more videos like this, originally aired during the Tzu Chi USA GivingTuesday 2022 Charity Concert, at


Editor: Piao Yanxin
Music: Demelza by Boreís, Circle of Life by Letra, The Scents of Spring by Veaceslav Draganov


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