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Good Deeds Blossom | 24:01

Episode 22 – There for Sierra Leone Post-Ebola

February 14, 2020


Who We Are

The Ebola pandemic left families across West Africa forever changed. This New Years Eve, watch as Tzu Chi Volunteers return to Sierra Leone to bring further aid that meets their current needs in this episode of Good Deeds Blossom.


Director: Garson Ormiston
Director of Photography: Jaime Puerta
Editor: Hector Muniente, Garson Ormiston
Re-Record Mixer: Michael LaFerla, Jonathan Camp
Colorist: Ismael Gomez
Visual Designer: Sheauling Soo, Tom Yang
Motion Graphics: Chuan Ching Ho
Script Editor and Writer: Dilber Shatursun, Pheel Wang, Ida Zielinska, Raven Holt
Script Translator: Jennifer Chien, Maple Gu, Diana Chang
Host: Dilber Shatursun
Hair & Makeup Artist: Yue Cao
Studio Director: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde, Garson Ormiston
Studio Camera: Dejun Wong, Garson Ormiston
Post-Production Coordinator: Nancy Wei
Post-production Editor: Nancy Wei, Amy Lee, Jeff Mertz
Production Assistant: Eric Li
Producer: Ting Fan
Special Thanks: Tzu Chi Center, Healey International Relief Foundation, Caritas Freetown Foundation

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