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Valley Fire Disaster Relief

October 9, 2015


Who We Are

The Valley Fire tore across Northern California, burning 76,000 acres before it was finally contained. The unfortunate families whose homes were consumed by the flames must now rebuild their lives, and Tzu Chi USA was there with emergency relief as they began that process. Volunteers distributed hundreds of cash cards – totaling $240,400 – and offered attentive and loving support to help ease people’s distress at this difficult time.

See Valley Fire survivor Paul and Judy’s story.

Donate now to help more survivors of Valley Fire.


Producer: Ting Fan
Editor: Alan Thompson, Woodruff Laputka
Writer: Ida Eva Zielinska
Animation and Graphic Designer: Nancy C. H. Wei
Special Thanks To: Tzu Chi video volunteers from Northwest region


Disaster Relief , Wildfire , Cash card

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