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Tzu Chi USA: Spreading Global Relief

April 2, 2019


Who We Are

Hurricane George, 1998
September 11th, 2001
Earthquake in El Salvador, 2001
Earthquake in Southern Peru, 2001
Floods in Bolivia, 2007-2008
Floods and Famine in Haiti, 2009
Earthquake in Haiti, 2010
Earthquake in Chile, 2010
Floods in Honduras, 2011
Earthquake in Ecuador, 2016
Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone, 2016
Mudslide in Sierra Leone, 2017
Earthquake in Mexico, 2017

In each of these catastrophic events, Tzu Chi USA was there, boots on the ground, to offer support—providing financial aid, rebuilding communities and demonstrating genuine love and care to those affected. Tzu Chi continues to show up where there is need.


Director: N/A
Director of Photography: N/A
Editor: Ting Fan

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