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From Taiwan to Toronto with Love: Parliament of World’s Religions

November 13, 2018


Who We Are

Various, international, faith-based organizations were invited to convene in Toronto, Canada at the Parliament of The World’s Religions. Board of Directors Member, Dr. Robert Sellers states “We’re here talking about climate change and how we can address it, what we can do, and how threatening it is now and perhaps the most dangerous threat that the world faces today.” Tzu Chi’s presence at this international convention was indeed monumental. In the spirit or working and partnering with other religious institutions Tzu Chi joined the world stage to continue the discussion of “Environmental Awareness” that Tzu Chi Founder, Master Cheng Yen has been promoting since the 1960’s. The goal? Delivering action through Buddhism.


Director: Jaime Puerta
Director of Photography: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde
Editor: Hannah Whisenant
Post-production Editor: Tong Su
Music: Eveningland - Streamline, Drew Banga - Beautiful World
Producer: Ting Fan

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