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The Disappearing Frontier | 5:06

Episode 3: On Thin Ice

April 29, 2015


Our Climate

Thinning ice in the Arctic has proved increasingly dangerous in past years. And as Shishmaref locals see major changes in their terrain, learn how one family feels the deeper consequences of nature’s blow.

In memory of Norman Charlie “Boy” Kokeok.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Nils Aucante, Dilber Shatursun
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Camera: Nils Aucante
Sound Editor: Michael Huang
Writers: Dilber Shatursun, Daniel Ferrara
VO Talent: Christian Adam Jacobs
Production Design: Nancy C.H. Wei, Sheau Ling Soo
Additional Video and Photo Courtesy of : Wanda Hollingsworth
Special Thanks To: The Kokeoks, Ralph Watkins, Shishmaref School, Shishmaref Native Corporation, Zena Barr, Brian Simpson, Rita Walstrand, The People of Shishmaref


Climate Change , Alaska , Shishmaref , Arctic

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