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Tzu Chi at COP28 | 5:14

Plant-Based Eating is Climate Action

December 19, 2023


Our Climate

It’s no secret that animal farming is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Charles McNeill, Senior Advisor of Forests & Climate at the UN Environment Programme, puts it simply: “to produce 100 grams of beef takes 75 times more land than the same amount of protein from tofu.”

Yet, at many UNFCCC conferences in the past, climate-friendly, including vegetarian or plant-based, dining options have been scarce. That is, until COP28.

“A few years ago, along with other vegetarian groups, Tzu Chi wrote to the COP Presidency. We hoped that more vegetarian food could be offered to COP attendees,” explains Tzu Chi Germany’s Meifeing Lin. “This year… the COP host country heard the voices of Tzu Chi and other vegetarian groups since this year vegetarian vendors appeared across the COP venue.”

See conference goers dig in to climate-friendly foods at this year’s COP28 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates in our latest video.*

Then, catch up on all our COP28 updates at

*Also featuring appearances by Hussam Al Amam (Chef, Switch Foods), Noura Marsse (COP28 NGO Delegate), Kinoti Sifa Gakii (COP28 NGO Delegate), Debra Boudreaux (Chief Executive Officer, Tzu Chi USA), and Katie Kamelamela (COP28 Delegate, Hawaii Ethnoecologist).


Director: Ting Fan
DP: Borja Campilio
Editor: Ting Fan
Color: Borja Campilio
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