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Keep It Grand | 5:57

Episode 7: Revolution on the Reservation

November 9, 2015


Our Climate

With the longest lasting drought in 1,000 years, rising temperatures, and overgrazing due to imposed land use permits; fertile ground in the Grand Canyon is rapidly turning to desert. Conservation groups and dedicated Navajo matriarchs banded together to take a stand against tourism development that would cause further damage, and won! But the developers are now regrouping … better keep our eyes on this story.



Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Daniel Ferrara
Camera : Nils Aucante
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Writer : Daniel Ferrara
Re-recording Mixer: Yahel Dooley
Production Assistant: Frederick Awiti
Featuring : Roger Clark, Tony Skrelunas, Sinjin Eberle, Renae Yellowhorse
Music: All_Stars, MusicInnovation
Special Thanks : Grand Canyon Trust, Ashley Davidson, American Rivers, Save the Confluence, Earlene Reid, The National Park Service, Grand Canyon National Park, Stacey Jensen, North Leupp Family Farms, Chip Thomas, Dustin Stein
Additional Video and Photo: The National Park Service, The Navajo Times, Chip Thomas, sogorman, FrameFactory, jsievert
Production Design : Sheau Ling Soo, Nancy C.H. Wei, Rachel Mersky (Animation)


Climate Change , Grand Canyon , Arizona , Drought , Colorado River , Save the Confluence , American Rivers , Keep it Grand , Navajo , Native American , Escalade

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