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COP26 | 2:56

The Cow in the Room

November 9, 2021


Our Climate

Two huge pain points in climate action have revealed themselves at COP26. The first concerns loss and damage – how it can be financed, and how this financing can reach the places where it is needed most.

The second lies in current food systems, which revolve around animal farming. Participants like Bernat Añaños Martinez, Co-Founder of @Heüre Foods, argue that it should be a central topic of debate here at COP26, but somehow isn’t: “if we don’t end up [at] this COP26 not placing meat at the very center of the debate in the agreements… It would be, again, another theater.”

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Directo: Ting Fan
Cinematographer: Jaime Puerta
Editor: Ting Fan/Jaime Puerta

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