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Keep It Grand | 1:29

Keep it Grand : Teaser

August 19, 2015


Our Climate

The Grand Canyon is a world heritage site of breathtaking beauty, where rivers meet and some believe life begins. But today, it’s also where two drastically opposed viewpoints converge and clash. A developer has plans to build a gigantic tourist settlement there, while Native Americans are fighting to protect land they view as sacred, and environmentalists are up in arms about the impact on water supply and ecology that the construction project and its aftermath would bring.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Daniel Ferrara
Editor: Daniel Ferrara


Jetsonorama , Climate Change , The Painted Desert Project , Grand Canyon , National Park Service , Native America , Navajo Nation , Arizona , Flagstaff , Page , Tuba City , Lake Powell , Drought , Grand Canyon Escalade , Colorado River , Grand Canyon Trust , Save the Confluence , American Rivers

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