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Stung by Climate | 5:32

Episode 6: Rich With Bees

December 11, 2015


Our Climate

There’s a noble spirit to the beekeepers in Les Perches, who won’t give up on their bees despite hard facts like reduced food for them to forage and a lack of resources to feed them. But they persevere, forgoing modern methods and using ancestral techniques of keeping colonies. This is an honest living, humble in gain, but sufficient to fund an education for their kids. And they mean it when they say: “These bees are my life!”


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Nils Aucante
Camera: Nils Aucante, Daniel Ferrara, Alan Thompson


bees , Climate Change , Haiti , Tzu Chi Foundation , StungByClimate , COP21 , Beekeeping

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