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COP26 | 4:21

How Food Systems Can Transform the Climate Crisis

November 9, 2021


Our Climate

What good can a plant-based dietary revolution do? According to Dr. Ming-Nan Lin, Vice Superintendent of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, a whole lot, and the proof is, well, in the pudding: “At all the Tzu Chi Hospitals, we provide only plant-based diets. And then we calculate all the meals we provide… and then we can reduce I think more than 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide.”But, there’s more. He also points out that “studies show that we can reduce around 30% to 50% of the incidence of diabetes, 50% of the gallstones, symptomatic gallstone disease, will reduce if you adopt a plant-based diet.”See how food system transformations can happen at this latest panel at COP26, at the WHO Health Pavillion in Glasgow, Scotland: “Achieving the Paris Agreement and Preventing the Next Pandemic: the Case for Transformative, Climate Resilient, and Healthy Food Systems.”

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Director: Ting Fan
Cinematographer: Jaime Puerta
Editor: Ting Fan/Jaime Puerta

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