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Tzu Chi at COP28 | 3:15

Tzu Chi Joins the Conversation on Food Systems

December 6, 2023


Our Climate

Exploring the city of Dubai, the Tzu Chi delegation to COP28 sets out for day 3 of the annual UNFCCC conference by train. Tiffany Tu, Youth Development Project Specialist at Tzu Chi USA’s Global Partnership Affairs Department, says that “to cut down on carbon emission, public transport is the way to go.”

Beginning with attending a panel on the interaction of refugees and climate, the next session of the day touched on the topic of food systems and how they may be transformed to meet the needs of the climate crisis.

At “A Health Imperative/Call to Action for the Health Ministerial, feat. Leading Cities: We Need Healthy Plant-Rich Diets,” moderator Lina Mahy of the World Health Organization highlighted that “we really want to link climate change and nutrition action together, because this a win-win for the health of people and the health of the planet.”

For panelists representing diverse organizations from around the world, it was an opportune place to share their unique perspective with a broader audience. LEGAIA Organization’s Xananine Calvillo Ramirez explained that “about COP, it’s a crucial moment for us to meet and to promote these projects in this space.”

Tiffany came out of the session with important takeaways from speakers Xananine and others:

“That conversation was very interesting because if we want to be healthy, if we want to be wealthy, the thing that we need to do is take care of our environment and moving back towards the traditional ways that we eat.”

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Director: Héctor Muniente
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Héctor Muniente
Music: Snowflakes in the Sun by Russo


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