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The Disappearing Frontier | 5:05

Episode 4 : The Art of Survival

May 19, 2015


Our Climate

As temperatures rise across the globe, Alaska’s landscape is going through significant change. Learn more about the science behind these changes and what they may mean for populations who rely on the subsistence lifestyle.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Nils Aucante, Dilber Shatursun
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Camera: Nils Aucante
Sound Editor: Michael Huang
Writers: Dilber Shatursun, Daniel Ferrara
Voice Over Talent: Christian Adam Jacobs
Production Design: Sheau Ling Soo, Nancy C.H. Wei
Production Assistant: Julia Liu-Padilla
Feature Image: Flickr/Claumoho
Additional Video and Photo Curtesy of: Flickr/Smudge 9000, Flickr/Polar Cruises, Flickr/Claumoho, Flickr/US Geological Survey
Special Thanks to: The City of Shishmaref, Ralph Watkins, Shishmaref School, Shishmaref Native Corporation, Zena Barr, Brian Simpson, Rita Walstrand, The People of Shishmaref, Torre Jorgenson, US Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska Unit


Alaska , Shishmaref , Climate Change

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