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The Disappearing Frontier | 5:08

Episode 6: Decisions

June 3, 2015


Our Climate

Shishmaref, AK, is among the first in a wave of communities that require relocation due to climate change. Who will be responsible for helping these communities take action? What will it take to see these changes? In our final installment of “The Disappearing Frontier,” learn what makes the question of what the future holds an enigmatic one.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Nils Aucante, Dilber Shatursun
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Camera: Nils Aucante, Dilber Shatursun
Sound Editor: Michael Huang
Writer: Dilber Shatursun, Daniel Ferrara
Voice Over Talent: Christian Adam Jacobs
Production Design: Nancy C.H. Wei
Additional Video And Photo Courtesy of: The Nome Nugget / Diana Haecker, Flickr / Jim Greenhill
Special Thanks To: Zena Barr, Robin Bronen, Tom Findtner, Diana Haecker, Torre Jorgenson, Clara & Shelton Kokeok, Percy Nayokpuk, Dena M. O'Dell, Brian Simpson, US Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District, US Department of Defense, Rita Walstrand, Clifford Weyiouanna, Howard Weyiouanna, Sr., Dave Williams, Larry "Woody" Wilson, Ralph Watkins, Shishmaref School, The City of Shishmaref, Shishmaref Native Corporation, The People of Shishmaref


Alaska , Climate Change

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