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Fundraising for Taiwan Earthquake Relief

April 7, 2024


Disaster Relief

After last week’s devastating earthquakes in Taiwan, people of the Taiwanese diaspora have mobilized around the world. Intent on doing something, volunteers at Tzu Chi USA’s Northeast Regional Office, better known as Tzu Chi NY, are hitting the streets of Flushing, Queens to appeal to the public’s compassion.

Known as a hub of commerce, transportation, and culture, Flushing’s Chinese-speaking population is a robust one. After a brief training sessions, all volunteers who participated separated into seven groups, equipped with boxes to collect donations.

A local business owner who donated was Xiuyan Ni. She runs a beauty salon in Flushing, and said that, after she’d heard about the devastating 7.4 magnitude quake abroad, “we sent a bit of our own love, each of us adding a little something.”

Another person, Xiangli Dai, a local resident said that showing solidarity to compatriots in Taiwan was especially important: “I’m very willing to offer a bit of love from the Mainland for this disaster in Taiwan.”

Yet, for teens like Brandon Chang, a member of the Tzu Chi Youth Group Tzu Shao, tragedies like this earthquake can help us all become better people: “we want to be a people that help.”

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Director: Daniel Ferrara
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Music: Relaxing Corporate | Envato Elements


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