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Tzu Chi Joins the 2024 National VOAD Conference

May 8, 2024


Disaster Relief

From May 6-9, the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, or NVOAD, held its annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Its purpose is to bring together NGOs who focus on disaster relief solutions and innovations, hoping to provide space for dialogue and future collaboration.

There, as part of Tzu Chi USA’s delegation, was Marshall Siao, the director of Jing Si 6R Technology. He set up a display of the complete Jing Si Furniture System, a temporary furniture system designed to provide privacy, comfort, and dignity to those who become displaced from their homes due to disaster.

“Today we are demonstrating the pop-up cubicle,” he explains; “and you can do everything in one minute.” Marshall also pointed out that “we can set up 1,000 of these units in a shelter system.” Fellow conference goers were quick to take notice.

Of the Taiwanese-inspired invention, Mike Dillaber, Plans and Operations Officer (Resources) at the Mobile County Emergency Management Agency said “it looks like something that could transform how we do mass care in the United States.”

While sharing innovations that could help after disaster, Tzu Chi USA also hosted a pop-up Buddha Day Ceremony for fellow attendees to participate in. In the month of May, Vesak Day, or Buddha Day, is a worldwide holiday dedicated to commemorating the birth, the life, and death of the Buddha. For many conference goers, a dose of spirituality was very welcome.

Thomas Ryan, Pastor at Catholic Charities USA, remarked that Tzu Chi gives attendees “an opportunity to experience a prayer, an opportunity that maybe we’ve never had before. And this really allows us to release and to continue on.”

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